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Cancellation and Transfer of Accreditation

The accreditation of FPA/Principal Employer may ve transferred to another licensed recruitment agency, provided, that;

  1. There is no downgrading of the compensation package adopted by the principal with the licensed recruitment agency to which it is currently / previously accredited;
  2. The transferee agency shall assume fill and complete responsiliy for all contractual obligations of the principal / employer to the Overseas Filipino Workers orginally recruited and deployed by the former licensed recruitment agency, by submitting to the MWO or to the Administration, as the case may be, an undertaking to that effect; and
  3. The FPA/Principal Employer must have no pending disciplinary action case.


PART A. (ONE COPY ONLY of the following):
  1. Letter Request for verification of accreditation of documents.
  2. Information Sheet (form provided, please fill up completely).
  3. HK ID of the owner/s OR licensee/s and recent on 2×2 photograph
  4. License copy of Philippine Agency (PRA)
  5. Self-Declaration of No Criminal Record
  6. Photo of the Office Facilites & Boarding House
  7. Lease Agreement (Office & Boarding House)
  8. Latest Job Order Balance
  1. Recruitment Agreement with Philippine counterpart
  2. Special Power of Attorney (SPA-FRA)
  3. Special Power of Attorney (SPA-PRA)
  4. Joint Affidavit
  5. Agency Undertaking
  6. Sworn Statement
  7. Job Order (JO Request)
  8. Contingency Plan
  9. Business Registration (Show Original Copy)
  10. License to Operate an Employment Agency (Show Original Copy)
  11. Master Employment Contract (Blue Contract – Four Sets with Agency chop)